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A Mountain Distillery

La Valdôtaine is a small mountain distillery in the Aosta Valley.

Its beautiful, shiny, hand-made copper stills, produce small batches of handmade spirits by the discontinuous distillation method.

Acqueverdi is the name of a unique spring whose waters have an almost unbelievable turquoise colour due to the presence of rare minerals.

The water surfaces at an altitude of 1400 metres in the mountains behind the distillery. A few drops of this ‘magic’ water goes into all our products.

In this same valley, we also collect some of the unusual plants–well-kept botanical secrets–which are infused and then distilled in small copper stills.

Hence the unmistakable alpine character of La Valdôtaine’s spirits.

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Saint Marcel

Saint Marcel

Saint Marcel is a small town situated in the mountains high up in the Aosta Valley. Here the water is extremely pure and the air is fresh and healthy. A very rare mineral can be found here: a purple variety of pyroxene which used to be mined here and is now a focus of interest for geology scholars from all over the world.

The Aosta Valley has many examples of frescoes dating from the 15th and 16th centuries. In one of them you can clearly see depicted a leg of ham. Once upon a time, the only ‘ham’ known in the region was bear meat, reserved only for the very highest echelons of the local aristocracy.

In Saint Marcel, as in other Alpine towns, local families used to rear pigs for their personal consumption. Every family produced different types of cured pork: sanguinaccio (made with the blood of the pig and either bread or potatoes); capicollo (made with the meat around the neck and shoulder); sausages and salami. In order to have a stock of food for the winter months, the fat and meat from the pig were processed very simply and preserved with salt and herbs. Some families also produced a raw ham (prosciutto) flavoured with mountain herbs and which had a very distinctive flavour.

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Prosciutto Saint Marcel

Our cured ham (prosciutto) is hand-crafted according to the traditions and characteristics of our local mountain area.

The uniqueness and aroma of our prosciutto is due to three key factors:

The quality of the haunches of the pigs bred and reared only in Italy.

The pure dry mountain air

A unique recipe using aromatic mountain herbs

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