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Distillerie Francoli



Grappa is unique in being distilled from a solid material: dried grape skins or ‘vinaccia’.
On average, 20 kg of vinaccia is needed to produce one bottle of grappa.

All the grapes used by Distillerie Francoli come from the Piemonte region. This means that they arrive fresh at the distillery and this is very important in order to ensure high-quality grappa.

A slow distilling process, with attention to every detail, ensures that the grappa is smooth and has a distinctive flavour.
The vinaccia arrives fresh, heavily perfumed and still moist. The steam is turned on and after about an hour the first distillate begins to emerge. The initial part (‘heads’) is discarded.  

The middle part (‘core’) of the distillate is collected and the steam turned off to ensure that the final, low-qualitypart of the distillate (‘tails’) is not distilled but removed, together with the spent vinaccia. The Master Distiller and modern technology ensure that the ‘core’ has the required characteristics for the finest grappa.

To age its grappa Distillerie Francoli first uses large Slavonian oak vats and then small barrels made of French oak from the forests of Allier and Limousin.

These different woods give Francoli grappa its distinctive aromatic flavours.

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Distillerie Francoli was the first grappa distillery to officially have Zero Impact® on the environment
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    Putting a stop to CO2 emissions
    The heat used in the distillation process is obtained entirely from vegetal fuel, which ensures a neutral balance when it comes to CO2. In addition, the company’s involvement in the Impatto Zero® project helps to protect more than 340000 square meters of forest in Costa Rica.
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    Using the Vinaccia
    We use all the grape pomace (vinaccia) so that there is no waste in the distillation process. The vinaccia is used as fuel, both to produce the steam needed for distilling and for heating all the corporate facilities in winter (effectively, no fossil fuels are used). Dried vinaccia is also shredded and made into pellets to fuel domestic central heating boilers.
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    Cleaning the Air
    Burning vinaccia to fire our distillery leads to the emission of fumes into the Earth’s atmosphere. These emissions, although originating from vegetal fuel (and less polluting), are kept to a minimum by using an electro-filter, so that emissions are kept well below the legal limits.
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    Saving the Water
    For cooling down and condensing the alcoholic vapours at the beginning of the grappa-making process, we use large quantities of water. Once the job of heat exchanging has been completed, the water is cooled down again using a cascade system that makes it possible to reintroduce it into the cooling circuit.

Distillerie Francoli

Made in Piemonte

Opificium Francoli

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Opificium Francoli receives the distillates, mainly from Distillerie Francoli, and looks after the blending, bottling and packaging prior to delivery. The liqueur recipes it creates can be for traditional Italian products or ones that are innovative and unique.

Opificium Francoli:

  • Bottles the grappas and other spirits produced by Distillerie Francoli
  • Creates, produces and bottles liqueurs with a base of herbs, spices and fruit
  • Researches and develops new products.

Production is divided as follows:

  • Francoli’s own brands
  • Brands for other producers (Roberto Cavalli Vodka, HKB Baijiu, etc.)


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All Francoli Group products are distributed by Francoli Collegium Brands in Italy.

Francoli Collegium Brands also distributes nationally a limited range of imported premium spirits and a selection of quality still and sparkling wines.

National coverage via a comprehensive and unique direct sales organization. Strong relationships with key customers.

All channels covered: On-trade, Off-Trade, Wholesale, Modern Distribution

Francoli Collegium Brands is the exclusive distributor for Champagne Barons de Rothschild, Hardy Cognac, Crystal Head Vodka, Roberto Cavalli Vodka, Gin Arte, Major Gin, Brockmans Gin, Silent Pool Gin, Gold Gin 999.9, El Supremo Rum, HKB – Hong Kong Baijiu.

The goal is to import a limited number of spirits that allows us to put the right focus on each brand.

Francoli Collegium Brands distributes also Follador Prosecco, Cembra, Corte Rugolin, Perusini, Tenuta Rocca, Fontezoppa, Antica Hirpinia, Quadra Franciacorta and a selection of others italian wines.



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Francoli Export Brands exports Gruppo Francoli products all over the world.

The distribution of its liqueurs, wines and distillates is achieved through importers located in various European and non-European countries.

These partners, some of whom have been our collaborators for a very long time, are selected for their expertise and the extent of their presence in the area concerned.

The real strengths of the Francoli Export Brands are:

  • a strong rapport between the two parties with periodic visits by the importers to our facilities in Piemonte and the Aosta Valley.
  • direct intervention on local markets to introduce our new products, and to train and support local sales staff.
  • the constant presence of one or more members of the corporate team, both at foreign and Italian trade fairs.

With enthusiasm and dedication, the Francoli Export Brands team works hard to ensure that the products created by Distillerie Francoli, Torraccia del Piantavigna and La Valdôtaine continue to be recognised as top quality, in demand and appreciated. They are always endeavouring to conquer new horizons.



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