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CASAFRANCOLI is the showcase for Distillerie Francoli and Torraccia del Piantavigna’s products.

Located in Ghemme, in the countryside of the Novara hills, close to Mount Rosa and only a short drive from Lake Orta and Lake Maggiore, for 30 years  Casafrancoli has been a point of reference for buying and tasting  grappas, distillates, liqueurs and wines.

Situated on the road that leads north-west from Novara into the Sesia Valley, Casafrancoli is easy to reach.

It’s also only a few hundred metres from the “Romagnano – Ghemme” exit of the A26 Voltri – Sempione motorway.

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The International Aquavit and Liqueur Library

CASAFRANCOLI is also the seat of the International Aquavit and Liqueur Library. It was founded with the direct support of Distillerie Francoli and later evolved into an independent and totally autonomous facility. The aim of the institution is to gather texts and publications which talk about alcoholic beverages. The term “international” makes the library unique and emphasises the vocation for this kind of research, which reaches out well beyond Italy’s national boundaries.

Given the library’s geographical location, it is only natural that its collection should focus mainly on grappa. On the other hand the history, customs and traditions of the Ghemme area are closely linked to wine and the distilling of vinaccia used to produce grappa. Its international vocation is no less important as increasingly interesting new foreign contacts are gradually evolving. In addition to the strictly technical publications that look down from the cherry-wood bookshelves, the collection includes specialised journals and magazines. This demonstates that in the international drinks industry there is a whole network of connections and a drive to delve deeper into subjects that are not only to do with typically commercial and marketing topics but also to do with image and culture.

The philosophy advocated by the Library is to educate people to drink alcoholic beverages in the right way and to see these products as the result of human labour and the originality of human thought. In other words, to see alcohol not as something dangerous as it is often made out to be, but as something that is at once traditional, innovative and cultural.
The people who run the Library are on hand to help any of our visitors wishing to conduct research using the collection.

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