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Luigi Francoli

Distillers since 1875
Given that distilling is an art, it is only natural that the people who practise this art always want to go one step further, to try out things that have never been tried before. This results in a whole new, exciting world of taste.

The care used in the various stages of the distilling process and, before that, the careful selection, collection and conservation of grape skins (vinaccia) are multiplied many times in the case of Luigi Francoli Grappas.

A 360-degree involvement of the senses. That is what the Master Distiller tries to achieve. Designed for grappa-drinkers who are looking for a refined, elegant flavour and unadulterated pleasure.

The range of Luigi Francoli grappas called ‘Le Origini’ has two sides to it. They all share the same love of the natural origins of the spirit, the perfect expression of a tradition of artisanal skill and knowledge of the region of origin.

Each Luigi Francoli label is the guarantee of a product that has superior characteristics, with its own ‘passport’ of taste and its own story to tell.

Light, like the shining eyes of a beautiful woman.

Eyes that light up the emotions of the palate, flavours that enhance the pleasure of good company. Kaleidoscopic emotions that involve and unite all the senses. Those eyes, that light, that release the purity of the spirit, giving you a premonition of clear, deep and unexpected perfumes.

Light that should be tasted a sip at a time. Sips of the light of a particular place.

Having firstly be ingaged in French oak , these cask finish grappas complete their maturation in barrels previously used for Barolo, Port, Bourbon and Sherry.

This additional ageing enriches the individual characteristics of the grappa.

The unique packaging echoes the world of fine distillation: the closure symbolises the copper of the alembic and the label, made of a fine layer of real wood cut in the round, reflects the barrels in which these grappas have spent so much time.

Small-scale production, top-quality vinaccia that is hard to find. A whole range of fragrances and perfumes and a total involvement of the senses.

All these are produced on a small scale; carefully distilled and always made with extraordinary raw materials and which achieve the desired results only if all the pre-requisites of quality are met. These grappas are only distilled in especially good years. It is the Master Distiller, not the market, who decides.

For someone looking for ‘Special Sensations’.

Luigi Francoli’s art of alchemy has never forgotten its family traditions.

Gentian roots, rabarbaro rhizomes and Roman absinthe blossom: these are just some of the natural ingredients which, when infused, result in this wonderful digestif, Amaro d’Erbe, with its penetrating and harmonious perfume.

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