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La Valdôtaine

The purity of our mountains, the magic of our streams, the drop by drop of our distillation, the charm of our traditions.

These are the characteristics of the products we make at our little mountain distillery.

The “Mixology Collection” has been designed especially for mixing cocktails. The fact that we use typical ingredients from the Aosta Valley makes these products unique.

The strong mineral taste of Acqueverdi Gin comes from the unique mineral content of the water we use from the spring of that name. The main mountain plants used are: gentian, elderflowers, mallow, Alpine rose, Scots pine buds, spruce needles, wormwood and mountain pine.

Vermouth Verney is very aromatic thanks to the wild herbs typical of the Alps and the Aosta Valley used to make it. In particular, note the smell of thyme and savory. The mountain ingredients used to make our vermouth are: “mountain wine”, savory, benefort (artemisia or wormwood) and sarieula or Alpine thyme.

The digestif Amaro Dente di Leone is quite unique because of the dandelion content. Other ingredients which make it even more intriguing to the palate include muscovado sugar and Alpine herbs, such as Achillea Moscata (Simple leaved milfoil), Roman absinthe, St Benedict’s thistle, gentian root and elder blossom.

Eyva is a vodka with taste. We roast the farro (spelt) grains and this gives the vodka its delicate straw colour as well as its intriguing aroma and unusual, slightly toasted notes on the palate.

To make our range of grappas we use only grape pressings from indigenous vine varieties. Slow pot distilling in fine old copper stills makes it possible to extract the unique aroma and particular character of each variety.

These unique distillates are produced only in small batches and every bottle is numbered by hand.

This line of grappas is named after a famous inn in the centre of Aosta. It was run by a character called Papà Marcel.  The autographs and messages scribbled on the walls by soldiers from the Alpine regiments have attracted many visitors and celebrities over the years. We still make Papà Marcel’s grappa in the same way, using traditional steam distilling processes, aromatic herbs and the roots and fruits of medicinal plants.

Four of our liqueurs constitute the traditions of the Aosta Valley.

Génépy: made by infusing small Artemisia glacialis plants that grow in the mountains at an altitude of  1,900 – 2,000 metres.

Grand Miel: a liqueur made with  grappa and organically-produced honey.

Ratafià: a thick, sweet red liqueur, with an aftertaste of bitter cherries.

Mountain Blueberry liqueur: ideal to end a meal or in the company of friends with its characteristic perfume which takes us back to the mountains.

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